The Lake Highlands Church is an interdenominational family of imperfect believers, trusting only Christ as Savior and Lord. Rooted in the ancient, authoritative scriptures, we are saved by God’s surprising grace, alive in the power of the Spirit and expectant of a coming Christ.

We don’t exist to tell you how good we are, for we have often collectively and individually made a mess of our lives.

Our purpose is to share with our neighborhoods the good news of God’s amazing rescue of his rebel children. We also exist to help people grow out of the maddening immaturity that is tearing apart families and neighborhoods and grow into God’s common sense-mature relationships-where accountability, respect, prayer, simplicity and forgiveness are a way of life.


Our Roots as a Church

As a church, our roots are in the Churches of Christ. Our allegiance, however, is not to any denomination. Our allegiance focuses on Christ as Lord.

We are a church without denominational affiliation, committed to the practical unity of all those who acknowledge Christ as Lord. We seek, through the rediscovery of salvation by grace, the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, the Lordship of Christ and the supremacy of Scripture to reform our thoughts and practices. We seek to follow Christ. We pray for a recovery of God’s vision for the unity and mission of his people. We resolve to sink into spiritual union with the body of Christ at large.

Learn more about our history as a church from a tribute written by Robin Russell for our 50th Anniversary.

“Whatever it Takes”

Our Mission

It’s our mission to daily walk as disciples of Jesus through how we live, pray, steward, seek and love.

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Our Faith

What we believe about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Community and other aspects of The Good News.

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Biblical Interpretation & Life Issues

We view all of Scripture through the lens of the story’s hero, Jesus Christ, who constitutes the defining redemptive act of the story.

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Our Pastoral Team

Dr. Jim Reynolds

Senior Pastor

Dennis Coleman

Administrative Pastor

Merilee Withrow

Childrens Pastor

David Chrane

Worship Leader

Donjalea Chrane

Lifegroup Ministry

Dela Kouevi

Youth Ministry