Encountering God

This prayer ministry helps bring individuals “face-to-face” with God/Jesus/ and the Holy Spirit, and receive freedom from past wounds and lies – impacting their identity as a beloved child of God.

Through the process, the individual encounters God/Jesus/Holy Spirit as the healer and redeemer who reveals places where wounds or lies have allowed the enemy a stronghold rooted in un-forgiveness.

The ultimate goal is for people to gain freedom from the bondage to sin, and grow in maturity into all that God has for them.

Forgiveness = Freedom

Deliverance and healing come as the individual receives revelation through connecting with the Godhead (Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit). It may involve a look into the past to discern the root of un-forgiveness (from wounds and lies) that will set the person free in the present, since un-forgiveness is almost always at the root of bondage (Matthew 18:23-35).

When – By appointment only

Where – The sessions are held in the LHC church library

Cost – There is no charge, but individuals can make a donation to LHC.

If you are interested, please contact the church office.

The Prayer Time

A group of two or three people from the Encountering God team meet with an individual who requested prayer time. In this prayer format, the individual being prayed for is directed to talk and listen to God not to the team.

The prayer team is not giving advice or counsel because the power is in the person hearing directly from God. It is revelatory, not just informational.

Prayer time can take from one to approximately two hours.

How to Prepare

Individuals who seek healing are encouraged to pray and fast before their scheduled prayer time. The point of prayer and fasting prior to the scheduled time is for the individual’s heart and mind to be positioned for receiving deliverance and healing.

We suggest that the individual ask the Lord what He wants him/her to fast.  Examples of fasting include one meal a day, a Daniel fast for several days or fasting from social media for an allotted period of time.

Lifegroup Involvement

Individuals are encouraged to share their experience and any revelations in order to receive additional prayer or ministry within the Lifegroup setting – resulting in greater Lifegroup transparency.