College Age And Twenties


Our Vision

One challenge we young adults are faced with on an on-going basis is this: how do we develop rich and meaningful friendships in a world that is ultra-busy, surface level, and lost in cyberspace? I think the way to start is to simply be together … often.

If we can all get together and do fun and significant things consistently, then amazing friendships happen! And not only friendships, but all sorts of other world changing ideas and ministries are birthed—all because we hang out together.

It all starts in our weekly small groups that we call Lifegroup. We meet to learn to love God together, love each other more and share the amazing life he gives us with others. One of the best ways to go even deeper in relationships is to join a Lifegroup. We worship, listen to each other, ask hard questions, and live life together. You get to walk beside others as we all follow Christ together.

Come join us on Tuesday nights at 7:00.  Click here for Lifegroup info.

There are also opportunities to serve in the community with non-profit organizations, hang out at people’s houses and other venues, and many occasions to worship and minister together. It’s as simple as checking out our Facebook site and coming to the next event. It is our intent to foster the life giving friendships and community we all desire. Thanks so much for coming to our site. We are really looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you. See you soon!

Ministry Leaders:
Phil (214-803-2432) and Diann Garnett (214-534-7113)