Want to hear God speak to YOU through His Word through the power of the Holy Spirit? During the Fall 2016, we completed an exciting 10-week series during our 10:45 Assembly on Luke/Acts.

Diann Garnett and Robby Hare wrote a booklet to accompany this series. What is it? Just a tool to Stop and Listen to Luke’s writings in Luke and Acts. As Mary did when the Holy Spirit spoke to her, we simply took time in Lifegroup to meditate on God’s words and share them. There was a schedule to read through Luke and Acts and a weekly spiritual practice to seek God.

This was NOT just another Bible study! And if you missed it … you can still do the study on your own. Download the booklet and spend each week following the instructions. You can also listen to the sermons that accompanied each week’s lessons.

It can still be powerful in your life!

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