We believe our mission is to daily walk as disciples of Jesus. We strive to do this well through how we live, pray, steward, seek and love.

We Live

  • with a sense of expectation and urgency, living as members of a “last days” community.
  • lives of mutual accountability by becoming active members of a Life Group, owning and using our spiritual gifts.
  • in covenant relationship with God, spouse, family and church family.
  • in submission to the Lord Jesus, to our sisters and brothers and to our spiritual leaders.
  • as witnesses of God’s Gospel.

We Pray

  • to be filled with the Spirit, growing in his grace, living constantly in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • as God’s public servants, ministers of his mercy, justice and kindness, witnesses of God’s gospel.
  • to intercede for the body and the lost.

We Steward

  • the Lord’s good gifts by becoming good earth keepers and sharers of his financial gifts for the sake of Christ’s mission to this world.

We Seek

  • to be ambassadors of reconciliation for broken marriages, denominational and racial divisions and for those estranged from the Lord Jesus, for the sake of the Body of Christ and the world.
  • to speak only that which builds up and encourages the body of Christ, that it may benefit those who listen.

We Love

  • the Father with all our heart, soul and mind.
  • our neighbor as ourselves.